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  • So, what’s new with Merricart? That was my first response to latest in a rush of start-ups jumping up all around us. But the experience on this site I found was indeed different; unlike anything I had experienced in the other online stores. At Merricart, there are well known health experts who help you decide what’s good for you, there is impartial advise and expert knowledge all of which create a unique experience. I felt confident and reassured shopping on Merricart because I was sure I was buying products that were just right for me.

    K Srinivas, Bangalore
  • I am a chronic patient of diabetes. Worse, I am an incorrigible foodie. Not the best combination. However, at Merricart I found that you can eat your food and keep good health too! Thanks to the expert advice I got on the site and the handpicked products available on the store, I am now enjoying all the sweet things in life without worrying about sugar

    Priyanka Samar, Bangalore
  • I am a very overweight businessman. But don’t never find time to go to a diet specialist. After long search my friend said I should go to Merricart. Good I came here. At Merricart I got a diet plan made specially for me. I like the diet service at this site

    A K S Arora, Bangalore

About Us

At Merricart our vision is to ‘drive home happiness,’ which, we believe, is essentially a synonym for safety, wellness, health and fitness. We aim to do this by offering a range of trusted products, services and advice at honest prices. Be it with its catalogue of handpicked merchandize or its panel of expert health professionals, Merricart will seek relentlessly to promote the ethic of health, safety and wellness riding on a technologically advanced, secure and easy-to-use e-commerce platform.

Merricart, over time, aims to emerge as the most trusted repository of not just products but also of knowledge and information in the health space: A byword for well being, fitness and safety.