Niranthara Polished Tender Ball with No Preservative (Pack of 3)

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Tender Coconut Water is the most nutritious wholesome beverage that nature has provided and it is a pure & tasty energy drink with a good source of Calcium, Vitamin C, Magnesium & Manganese. It also contains vitamins thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, and folate. It has very wide medicinal value and is fast becoming a health and a lifestyle drink.

Due to the bulkiness of the nut, handling was very difficult and ladies, aged people, and kids were not able to open and drink the tender coconut. The idea was to make it easy to carry and also to open and to drink anywhere and everywhere, as it is the only drink available with rich nutrients. Polished tender coconut ball is processed young coconut with husk being removed completely and is fresh and natural.

Carefully 8-month-old tender nut will be selected, hygienically processed and the water inside will not be disturbed or altered. The nut can be easily opened with the bamboo stick provided along with the nut and malai can be enjoyed by opening with a normal kitchen knife. The processed nut will have a shelf life of 17 days under 2 to 4 ° C. As the shell thickness is less around 2 mm it should be kept away from sunlight as the shell breaks due to exposure to hot. As the nuts are little matured will expect medium or thick malai.

Any aged people can enjoy the polished ball containing fresh coconut water and delicious coconut meat. It is kept in its original shell to provide its natural taste and flavor with all the nutrients and minerals.

Add on products;

1.Paper straw:

The paper straw is not only human-friendly but also the environmentally safe and our fellow beings. The paper used is certified to be entirely made of virgin fiber chosen from environmentally sustainable sources.

2.Bamboo Stick as an opener:

The stick used to open the tender coconut is made out from bamboo wood. 

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