MuscleTech: A Premier Brand for Bodybuilding Supplements

MuscleTech is America’s No.1 supplement brand and is globally recognized for its superb array of products. When it comes to bodybuilding, nutrition is everything you need. Even if you spend hours in the gym, not having the right nutrients to fuel your training will not help you get the results that you want. A good supplementation strategy requires you to use premium quality products and brands like MuscleTech Whey Protein that are formulated specially to give you a good blend of all the essential nutrients. It all that you need to fuel training. 

MuscleTech - The Brand

Every product that is available in the MuscleTech Supplements range is the result of the immense passion that the team has for providing high-quality nutrition to fitness enthusiasts. Since the time it was launched in the year 1995 

This brand has worked its way up to become the number one selling supplement brand in America. Today, they have 30 patents in the US and 50 across the globe, making them the most preferred brand for professional athletes and bodybuilders.

Realizing the fact that pre-workout blends are important for fitness freaks, MuscleTech brings forth a sensational product to meet the demands of a hard-gainer, Neurocore Pre-Workout Pro Series. The power-packed blend is highly concentrated for maximum benefits and contains clinically researched amounts of ingredients so that your body gets a good dose of nutrition. There are several herbal extracts in the supplement so that you receive the much-needed antioxidant boost. Read on to know what benefits you can reap out of drinking this stuff. 

Why Choose MuscleTech 

With MuscleTech, you can be assured of the best in terms of quality and the results that you get. These supplements are preferred by fitness enthusiast’s world over for several reasons such as: 

Real Science for Real Results: With any product such as MuscleTech proteins or MuscleTech mass gainer, you have the assurance of “Superior Science. Superior Results” which is the motto of the company. The mission of the company is to continuously research, develop and patent supplements that provide maximum results. This has made every product in their range synonymous with great quality and the most exhaustive line of products. 

They have a good research budget: A portion of the amount that customers spend on MuscleTech products is allotted for research and development. The goal for this is to fund scientific research that will help them introduce newer and more effective options to build lean muscle mass and strength and improve overall athletic performance.

All products are patent protected: Besides extensive research, all the products that are discovered at MuscleTech are protected with a patent to ensure that the special formulation is not duplicated. The idea is to make sure that customers do not end up with poor quality copies that will be available in the market. That way, you can be sure that you are only getting a premium blend developed by MuscleTech that is designed to help you achieve more.

Commitment to fitness: MuscleTech has a fully equipped research lab along with a state-of-the-art gym facility at its headquarters to test the products on the field. This makes them t the most trusted option for professional bodybuilders and athletes who have the assurance that each product is tested for safety as well as quality. 

Largest range of products: With their constant research that spans over a decade, MuscleTech has become a pioneer in health supplements and has created some of the best products to meet the specific needs of athletes and bodybuilders. They have the largest range of innovative products and brands such as NitroTech, CellTech, and MassTech which are all patented products. Along with this, you have different products including protein supplements, mass gainers, multivitamins and a lot more under the MuscleTech brand to complete your supplementation strategy effectively 

Know about MuscleTech Protein Supplements 

MuscleTech is best known for its wide range of protein products that include MuscleTech Whey concentrates, isolates and a lot more. This is the most preferred brand of protein supplements for beginners and advanced level athletes for several reasons such as: 

It’s a High-quality protein source: MuscleTech proteins contain the highest quality proteins that are sourced from some of the finest raw ingredients. Each scoop is loaded with protein to ensure that you can achieve your daily required intake without any hassles. With the highest selling Product like NitroTech Performance Series and NitroTech Whey Gold Performance Series, you can get up to 30g and 24g of proteins which will help fuel even the most strenuous workout program.

Both slow and fast-acting proteins available: As mentioned before, you have the assurance of the widest range of protein supplements with MuscleTech. This includes fast-acting proteins such as Nitrotech Whey Plus Isolate Gold which contains pure and easy to absorb proteins along with casein protein supplements that give you a long-lasting source of protein to prevent any chances of muscle loss.

Formulated for lean muscle development: Be it whey protein isolates or concentrates, the MuscleTech range is formulated specially to help you develop lean muscle mass. These supplements are low in carbs, fats, and sugar to ensure that there is no added calorie load on your body. That way, you do not have to worry about any unwanted fat deposits or other hurdles that may stand in the way of your recovery.

Helps in recovery: These whey proteins are also fortified with amino acids such as glutamic acid and BCAAs that help your muscles recover faster. This prevents muscle fatigue and soreness, allowing you to perform to your best abilities each time. With each training session, your muscles lose amino acids that are used to fuel the activity. MuscleTech provides you with an easy source of amino acids that are readily absorbed by your muscles. As a result, you also achieve faster results.

Contain several micronutrients: To ensure that the proteins that you consume with these supplements are also fortified with several micronutrients including minerals and vitamins. This provides you with added health benefits such as an improved immune system, better bone health, and improved metabolism as well. Consuming the necessary number of micronutrients also helps you stay energized all day which leads to better focus and better performance for faster results.

Know about MuscleTech Mass Gainer Supplements 

Anyone struggling with weight gain can rely on MuscleTech Mass Gainers. These gainers are designed to give the calorie intake that is necessary for hard-gainers to get the right calorie intake to build muscle mass. They are also ideal for professional bodybuilders who are looking at bulking up in a short period. These mass gainers come with special features that make them extremely beneficial. These features include:

Clean calorie sources: Products like MuscleTech Mass Tech are the best source of calories for hard gainers. These products assure higher protein levels than any other mass gainer available in the market today. These proteins include multiphase proteins or protein blends that are a combination of both slow and fast-acting proteins. In addition to this, you have fast-absorbing carbs. Together, these clean calorie sources provide over 1000 calories in each serving, making it the most reliable option for those who cannot manage elaborate meal preparations.

Keeps the body energized: With an added source of clean calories with these mass gainer proteins, the body is energized and allows you to perform to your best abilities. It is also loaded with minerals and vitamins that help you feel more energetic all day long.

Delays muscle fatigue and improves performance: With Mass Tech products especially, you have the guarantee of the highest amount of BCAAs and amino acids in comparison to other products. These amino acids can help delay muscle fatigue and also help your muscles recover faster from strenuous training sessions. These amino acids are an extremely important fuel source for your muscles to carry out a strenuous training session.

Keeps the body in an anabolic state: The nutrients present in products like MuscleTech Extreme 2000 help maintain higher glycogen levels within the body. This keeps the body in an anabolic state and prevents any muscle loss. The muscles get the fuel that they need through the day and are therefore able to grow faster and bigger as well. This is essential for those looking at building lean muscle mass.

Do your Pre-Workout with MuscleTech  

To support your training requirements, MuscleTech has a premium range of pre-workout supplements that contain all the necessary nutrients to fuel your training and to prevent muscle-fatigue. The pre-workout supplements are designed to give you the boost of energy that you need to perform better. Some features of MuscleTech Pre-workout supplements are as follows:

Gives you an instant boost of energy: MuscleTech introduces patented products like MuscleTech CellTech that contain a blend of BCAAs and Creatine to give you that instant energy boost. These ingredients increase ATP production in the cells. ATP is the energy unit of the body and is utilized by the muscles during any activity that you perform. Overall, your energy levels increase through the day, allowing you to function at your best abilities.

They help improve muscle strength and volume: With each serving, you get a good dose of BCAAs that are in the perfect ratio to give you optimized results. Like all MuscleTech products, these pre-workout supplements are also based on scientific formulae that can show a significant increase in muscle volume and strength in a shorter period.

They keep you hydrated: These products come with a special electrolyte formula that improves the ability of the body to retain water and stay hydrated. This is extremely beneficial in increasing your endurance and allowing you to push yourself harder through each training session. 

Where to Buy

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